Welcome to the Robotics Club Web Site of the Universidad Tecnologica del Sureste de Veracruz, in Mexico.

Here you will find information about what our teachers and students are working on in the robotics area.

We are Olmeca Team, a team in which we do not focus on Robotics competitions either National or international, we are more focused on the @Home league

which aims to develop assistance and service robot technology with great relevance for future personal home applications, help people in their daily life at home and in public with autonomous and interactive assistant robots in a natural way as well as the use of the Software free; Broadly speaking, it means that users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, modify, and improve the software.

The experience in the Robocup @ Home was something exciting since it was the first time in a competition of such high magnitude, despite having been all online, it does not detract from the fact that we were with participants from other countries.

This year the international ROBOCUP competition was virtual due to the pandemic but that did not limit us to work and have a good participation, we began in February to take some courses on the use of Jupiter as the basic information and use of the software in order to properly use the ROBOT.

It was interesting to take the courses since being from Mexico we had to be awake from 5 AM, like this every Monday for 1 month. They were days of sleepless nights due to the time differences, in the end we had a very nice experience, despite not having the expected results, we made friends and we were able to take advantage of each of the participating videos.

The team was made up of students who showed interest in the club and in the activities proposed by the teachers. Different trainings and different activities were carried out in order to select the different members.

The first competition we had to move to the city of Xalapa, the stay in Xalapa was very pleasant, the first days were to get to know the teachers well and in the offices where we will be working, we started by making a video presentation of the team and the robot we are working with, later we start working with the robot, we start to work more with it, to become familiar and to be able to work with it faster.

The competitions began, we did not get the expected result, but we were present at the competitions, we learned a lot, we soaked ourselves in knowledge, we were already there, we had to take advantage of everything we could.