RoboCup 2022

This is the web site of team Olmeca for RoboCup 2022. You can find more information in participation menu or these links:


The initiative is divided into four major powers:

  • RoboCupSoccer
  • RoboCupRescue
  • RoboCupJunior
  • RoboCup@Home.

Each of them has several internal leagues depending on the modality.


RoboCupSoccer is a soccer competition with autonomous robots. The official goal of the project is to ensure that, by 2050, a team of self-sufficient robots will be able to beat the winner of the FIFA World Cup following their own rules.

The different leagues cater to the morphology of the robot and follow different sets of rules:

  • Simulation league, where there are no physical robots, but they face each other on a virtual terrain.
  • League of small-sized robots.
  • League of medium-sized robots .
  • League of robots with four legs .
  • League of Humanoid Robots.


It is about testing robots for search and rescue of victims in unfavorable terrain. Robots can be both autonomous and remotely guided.

In each test, a team of robots must be able to find the right path in the designated area and make a map with the position of the different obstacles on the terrain and of the victims.

There are two different leagues, depending on whether it takes place on the physical or virtual terrain:

  • Rescue simulation league.
  • Royal Rescue League.


Try to bring the goals and objectives of Robocup closer to students of primary and secondary education.

There are different formats:

  • Soccer, in teams of 2 vs 2.
  • Rescue, the rules are similar to the global contest, but the scenario is more basic and simple.
  • Dance, in which the participants must choose a song and an autonomous robot that will dance to their son.

RoboCup @ Home

Competence added at the 2006 edition held in Bremen, Germany that focuses on the application of autonomous robots in daily life and derived human-robot relationships.
The scenario is usually from real life and that is where you have to demonstrate the robot’s capabilities.