Our JaguarBot robot, by Jaguarundi Robot, is a Jupiter robot from Lattel Robotics designed for the RoboCup @ Home competition

JaguarBot 2021
  • Speech recognition and synthesis.
  • Gazebo Control for Turtlebot
  • Robotic arm control
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Image processing
  • Recognition of people
  • Indoor navigation.
  • Use of Rviz for indoor navigation.
  • Use coordinates to locate the target position
  • Remote control (TeamViewer)

The jaguarbot robot is based on the design of the Jupiter robot from the Lattel Robotics company Specifications are as follows:

  • Base: Turtlebot 2, 50cm/s max speed
  • Robot dimensions: height: 0.92 m (max), width:0.35 m depth 0.35m
  • Robot weight: 9.5 kg.
  • Maximun angular speed: 180 deg/s
  • Vertical slopes: detects slopes greater than 5 cm in height
  • Maximum slope: overcome slopes of up to 12mm.
  • Operating time: 3 – 7 hours

Also our robot incorporates the following devices:

  • Motor overload detection
  • Odometry: 25718.16 ticks/ revolution.
  • Gyro: default calibration, 1 axis (100 deg/s).
  • Bumpers: left, center, right.
  • Status LED
  • Battery: Lition-Ion 2200mAh
  • Computer: Intel NUC i5, 120GB SSD, 8 GB DDR

Robot’s Software Description:
or our robot we are using the following software:

  • Platform: Ubuntu Operating system 16.04 Lts.
  • Navigation: Kobuki drivers for ROS and other C++ enviroments, Gazebo
  • Face recognition: Opencv
  • Speech recognition: based in language model mode Sphinx
  • Speech generation: based in language model mode Sphinx

External Devices
Jaguarbot robot relies on the following external hardware:

  • Microphone:1 omni-directional condenser by Taksta
  • Speakers USB plug 3.5 mm.
  • Camera: 2 Astra S 3D
  • arm degree of freedom: 5
  • Wifi Remote Controller: MTK 7628NN